On Shabbat morning, a 42-year-old Arab man drove into the Jewish Sde Efraim farm, located in the western Binyamin region, east of Kiryat Sefer. He got out of his car with a knife or other sharp object and chased an Israeli civilian, intending to stab him. As seen in the video below, the Israeli shot and killed the terrorist a second before the terrorist reached him.

תיעוד: מחבל רדף עם סכין אחרי יהודי וחוסל

Despite the above clear video documentation of the stabbing attempt, note the Reuters headline: “Palestinian killed by Israeli in West Bank, Palestinians say.” The headline is accompanied by the picture of the terrorist’s mother crying.

Here’s Al-Jazeera’s headline and first two paragraphs:

Palestinian man shot dead in occupied West Bank

A Palestinian man has been shot dead in the occupied West Bank in the latest incident of violence as it surges in the territory where the number of those killed by the Israeli army this month has risen to 18, including four children.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Saturday that 42-year-old Tariq Maali was shot in the city of Ramallah, adding he was killed “after the occupation [Israeli forces] opened fire on him” near the Palestinian village of Kafr Nama.

Do not confuse anti-Semites with the facts.

We should keep our eyes open and NOT shrink from evil criticism or action.

In the past, when the Jews were vulnerable, the anti-Semites celebrated. I hope that the message that Jewish blood is not cheap will spread, and the agents of evil will stop their insane actions.

As I have mentioned already in the past, the Israeli government must stop allowing vicious incitement and deception everywhere.

This will be the first step.

Next, Israel must make a serious effort to expose the perpetrators of deception and the incitement and more widely disseminate the documented facts.

It will not be easy, but it is a step in the right direction.
May we hear only good news in the future.