Two men were killed Thursday night after their plane crashed in Westchester County, New York, north of New York City.

Westchester County Police say the aircraft, a single-engine Beechcraft A36, was located late Thursday night in an area surrounded by trees, and the bodies of two people were found nearby.

Jewish media websites identified the two men as Binyamin Chafetz and Baruch Taub, the pilot.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Taub reported engine problems at 5:25 p.m., when the aircraft was roughly a mile from Westchester County Airport.

Subsequently, Taub reported the plane had low oil pressure, and an emergency was declared shortly afterwards.

Air traffic controllers say Taub then called in "mayday," after which there was no further contact with the aircraft.

The ill-fated flight left from JFK Airport, en route to Cuyahoga County Airport in Ohio, but was diverted to Westchester County Airport for an emergency landing.

Rescue teams were dispatched to the area, but only discovered the wreck of the aircraft at roughly 11:00 p.m., following ours of searches.

According to a report by Yeshiva World News, the plane was found in trees on a small island in a reservoir near Westchester County Airport.