An antisemitic banner was found on a busy overpass in Shreveport, Louisiana over the weekend.

It is not known how long the hateful banner was on display on the Fairfield Avenue overpass. The motorist who discovered it on Saturday turned around and drove back. He removed it, throwing it into a dumpster, according to KSLA News 12.

The antisemitic banner said in red letters that “Jews own & control” along with a Star of David and went on to list in black letters many problems plaguing the world which is blamed on the Jewish community. At the bottom of the banner, also in red, it said “Synagogue of SATAN.”

“I’ll continue to take it down if I see it,” the man who threw away the banner told the news outlet. “I would think free speech in your yard is one thing; but out on a public highway, that’s something different. I don’t think we have the right to put signs up on the side of the interstate.”

According to the report, the individual or individuals behind the banner may be able to claim free speech rights and receive only a littering charge.