Mount Sinai
Mount SinaiiStock

God said to Moses (Deuteronomy (32:52)

"You will see the land from afar but you will not go there, to the land I grant the People of Israel."

"כי מנגד תראה את הארץ ושמה לא תבוא אל הארץ אשר אני נתן לבני ישראל"

A fascinating discovery, enabled by modern technology, brings that verse to life.

The discovery of the image in the satellite map is an older discovery, but its potential deeper meaning was hidden in the measurements to the Temple Mount enabled by Google Maps and the alpha numerical (gematria) calculation, all made by the film maker.

We say there are no coincidences in this world. We just have to look deeper. Has this has been awaiting discovery since the earth's creation? What other discoveries lie ahead?