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The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is using a billboard campaign to fight antisemitism.

The billboards, which display affirmations based on Jewish sayings, will be up for at least several months and were a project with Outfront Media, JWeekly reported.

They are based on modern translations of ancient Jewish teachings, according to the Federation, including from the writings of Maimonides. Sayings include, “A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness,” “Be slow to anger and abounding in kindness,” and “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

The 10 billboards were installed in late December during Hanukkah.

“[The billboards are[ meant to introduce ourselves to the larger community,” Rabbi Noah Farkas, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, told the outlet.

“In the face of rising antisemitism, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles turns to ancient Jewish wisdom to spread love. We have decided to respond not with anger, or hate, but by spreading both awareness of the problem and an ingredient often missing from any reaction to hate: Love,” the Federation said in an Instagram post.

The campaign comes at a time of rising antisemitism in Los Angeles and around the United States.

Recently, a kosher ice cream shop in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles was vandalized on New Year’s Day. The Carvel Westwood ice cream store, which sells the company’s KOF-K kosher-certified ice cream, had five out of its seven windows shattered beyond repair. Its cash register, containing around $200, was also stolen.

Farkas described the billboards as a way for the community to show that “we exist, and that we care, and that we’re not here to hate.”