Tzachi Menanji (left) and Rabb Tzvi Alon
Tzachi Menanji (left) and Rabb Tzvi AlonWorld Bnei Akiva

The international council of the World Bnei Akiva movement decided Thursday to appoint Rabbi Tzvi Alon as Secretary General of World Bnei Akiva, which operates in dozens of cities with thousands of students and communities worldwide.

Rabbi Alon was the Mizrachi Movement's Latin America communities rabbi and a participant in the creation of a religious Zionist community in Buenos Aries; he participated in the development and operation of educational programs and served as the rabbi of the city of Caesarea.

Rabbi Alon stated: "I thank the international council for choosing me. The movement's goal is to build a bridge between Israel and diaspora Jewry, prevent assimilation, strengthen the youth's connection with Israel, and encourage aliyah. I pray like the cantor does before the Yom Kippur Mussaf prayer and ask G-d to work for the nation of Israel, which sent me".

At the same time, the council decided to appoint Tzachi Maganji as the movement's CEO. In recent years, Maganji managed the Heichal Shlomo synagogue and served as deputy CEO and educational director for Masa Yehudi and more.

Maganji thanked the council for its decision: "As someone raised by the Bnei Akiva movement, I'm excited to be chosen as CEO of World Bnei Akiva. I see this position as an important task to connect our brothers in exile to the values of the Torah and the land of Israel. I will try to do my best so that World Bnei Akiva continues to be an influential and significant body in the community life of the Jews overseas and help the movement to continue to grow and influence in Israel as well."