Female soldiers
Female soldiersiStock

Admission trials for potential female recruits for the Yahalom Unit and Unit 669 began this week.

Approximately 130 potential female recruits will participate in trials for the Yahalom Unit in the coming year.

The first round of enlistment for female recruits will take place in April 2023 as a pilot program. An additional round of enlistment will take place in November 2023.

11 potential female recruits have so far been found suitable for admission trials for Unit 669, the IDF's Airborne Combat Rescue and Evacuation Unit, after their physical data and medical suitability were evaluated.

Several of the candidates were only permitted to participate in the trials after it was confirmed that they were close to meeting the physiological requirements. Candidates that successfully complete the trials are required to meet all pre-established training requirements in order to serve in the unit.

The IDF will continue to work toward fully integrating all of its service members in accordance with its operational needs and the service members’ capabilities and suitability for the various positions, while taking into account their preferences to the greatest extent possible.

It should be noted that the trials for both units have been modified in order to maintain the IDF’s operational standards.