A new Rasmussen poll published on January 2 has revealed that nearly half of Americans think that COVID vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and that over a quarter of Americans say they know someone who they think is among the victims of the shots.

The poll, described in a Rasmussen Reports article titled, "'Died Suddenly?' More than 1-in-4 think someone they know died from Covid-19 vaccines," surveyed 1,000 adults at the end of December.

Poll on COVID vaccines
Poll on COVID vaccinesRasmussen Reports

It follows an earlier poll whose results were published in the beginning of December which revealed that seven percent of vaccinated people believe that they have experienced "major side effects" from the vaccine - translating to 12 million people across the United States.

The latest poll revealed differences in the way Democrats and Republicans perceive the vaccines. While more Democrats than Republicans are vaccinated (85% vs. 63%), 33 percent of Democrat respondents said that they knew someone they suspected had died from the vaccine, as opposed to 26 percent of Republicans and unaffiliated respondents. According to Rasmussen, this is an indication that the poll's results are valid, as those who have been vaccinated are less likely to want to acknowledge a vaccine injury and yet Democrats are still acknowledging being exposed to a higher death rate.

Furthermore, the results of the poll suggested that vaccine injury could be disproportionately affecting younger people. 35 percent of adults under the age of 40 said they believed someone they knew personally could have died due to vaccine side-effects, compared to 28 percent of those between the ages of 40 and 64, and 14 percent of senior citizens.