Ran Rahav
Ran RahavYossi Zeliger/Flash 90

First publication: Noam Party chairman MK Avi Maoz has sent well-known public relations consultant Ran Rahav a warning letter before taking legal proceedings in which he asked Rahav for an apology and compensation in the amount of 180,000 shekels, after Rahav went on a tirade against Maoz during a radio interview.

"May his name and memory be blotted out," Rahav said of Maoz in an interview with Radio 103FM, adding, "If a shady man rises up in our country again and starts making lists of journalists here because of their tendencies, then may his name and memory be blotted out - this man should stand in the city square and ask forgiveness from those people. He is a shady man."

Rahav also said in the interview with Yinon Magal, "He is a shady man, shady, shady, shady. A man who wants to take the entire magnificent education system of the State of Israel and turn it into halakhic studies, a shady person, and it is precisely you, as an enlightened person, who should have come out against it. You need every day on your show to demand from the Prime Minister 'my good friend Benjamin Netanyahu, remove him from the coalition.'"

MK Maoz now demands from Rahav, through his lawyer Oshrat Levy, "the publication of an apology and a retraction of your words - in the same format in which the defamatory words were published - live on air, and payment of compensation in the amount of 180,000 shekels, which will be donated to an association/charity organization."

Attorney Levy stated that "if the aforementioned is not fulfilled within five days, I will advise my client to act and exercise his full rights under the law."

The director general of the Noam Party, Elkana Babad, said that "the days are over when we will accept vile attacks and dangerous incitement with equanimity. Whoever incites - will pay."

In response to the warning letter, Rahav said, "Member of Knesset Maoz, go ahead, sue me, remove your immunity and let's face off in court, we are still a democracy in the State of Israel and every citizen has the right to criticize an elected official, and you deserve it a hundred times more than any other citizen. What you did cannot be forgiven, both by the Creator of the Universe and by the people of Israel. So go ahead and sue me and all the people of Israel will come to court with me. This will be the most important trial in the State of Israel on the subject of 'where is democracy going.'"