Vladimir Putin
Vladimir PutinReuters

According to multiple reports, Russian President Putin's medical condition has deteriorated significantly in recent months, and his doctors have advised him to stay away from public events due to concerns over his health.

The General SVR Telegram channel, which claims to have sources inside the Kremlin, claims that "Putin gets tired quickly, suffers from frequent dizziness and headaches, as well as occasional unclear consciousness, and his doctors advised him to stay away from public events in order to rest."

In December, Putin was absent from a number of public events in Russia, including the traditional end-of-the-year meeting of the Russian government, as well as a number of visits to various sites throughout Russia that he was supposed to attend.

Putin also avoided holding his annual press conference that lasted around four hours, during which he would take questions from journalists and spectators, and canceled his participation in his traditional end-of-year ice hockey game. Putin's absence fueled rumors of his deteriorating medical condition.

The Telegram channel also claims that the relative failures of the Russian army in the war in Ukraine was behind Putin's deteriorating health. "Constant stress and nerves and the problems at the front created a negative environment that affects his illnesses," claimed the channel.

In recent months, many rumors have spread about Putin's medical condition and that he suffers from multiple diseases, including cancer, Parkinson's and others.

The Russian Telegram channel also claimed that "Putin pre-records speeches and meetings with senior government officials in order to broadcast them at a later date when he still appears to be in good medical condition, and has begun using doubles at various events."