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David Singer has been alone in promoting the so-called, Saudi Plan, for the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine. He titled his last attempt as Israel set to uncork Hashemite Kingdom genie at UN.

But thiere is no mention of Israel’s reaction to the “Saudi Plan” in the article, let alone its intention to promote it at the UN.

Not only has Israel not mentioned it, Saudi Arabia hasn’t either.

That said, the Plan is a far cry from the Saudi Peace Initiative tabled in 2002. It is much better, but not good enough.

Singer, took the trouble in the comment section of, of which I am editor, under the article “MBS & King Abdullah keep Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine alive”, However, neither MBS nor Jordan has supported the Plan, although Singer argues in favour of it. Every comment in response was against it. Here is a sampling:

-Isn’t that what Condeliza Rice harped on, contiguous? How can that ever be worked out!? No to anything in Judea & Samaria. The Bedouin kinglet must not be given back what he illegally occupied til 1967.... Maybe he can live in his palace he abandoned. Like you say, Ted, no diplomatic solution. Jordan is the falestini state ALREADY. All this jockey-ing around is futile. I’m so sick of us caving, to our own hurt.


-Well, that’s easy – by Israel’s “painful concessions for peace in the form of a unilateral withdrawal from Judea and Samaria (AKA the 'West Bank') of hundreds of thousands of Jews (AKA 'settlers')”.

Right after the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is formed, the Arabs will attack Israel around the perimeter and in the middle aiming at both North and South of Israel (from the road between the 'West Bank' and Gaza cutting Israel at the waist) with their newly acquired American weapons (received because of all those wonderful Arab “peace accords” with Israel) in an attempt to push the Jews into the sea and/or slaughter them where they are.


-Singer said “the best opportunity ever to end 100 years of conflict”. Wrong. The best solution is to move all the Arabs out of the Green Line and Judea and Samaria to other Arab countries with monetary compensation (the Jews from the Arab countries already left them for Israel decades ago and were stripped by their Arab governments of all their possessions) and establish Israel within its Biblical borders.

-For Israel, caving in to the piece by piece for the sake of peace initiatives is suicidal.”

-And YOUR proposal is a recipe for destroying Israel and for a new Holocaust.”


-The former Jordanian Prime Minister, who made “peace” with Israel, just exposed the truth about why Jordan did it…’If we ever have military power, will we let them keep Haifa? We’ll take it,” Abdelsalam al-Majali said in a TV interview a few days ago…If tomorrow we become stronger and can take Haifa by force, will we really decline just because we have an agreement with them?”‘ ( August 30, 2018)


-Singer said “I have no doubt that any attempt by Jordan to breach the Peace Treaty would be met with an appropriate response from Israel. Umm. You mean like they said about the Oslo Accords and the Gaza disengagement and the withdrawal from Southern Lebanon?

“Peace in our time.” – Neville Chamberlin

Arutz Sheva also posted “Netanyahu's peace plan with the Saudis may also end the Arab-Israel conflict" written by Singer.

When I reposted it on Israpundit there were over 100 comments from both my readers. Singer. I recommend you visit Israpundit here to read the very interesting debate.

In essence my readers rejected the Plan because

They didn’t trust the corrupt Abdullah

They consider Abdullah an enemy.

They didn’t want any Arab state west of the Jordan River

They wanted Israel to extend sovereignty over all of Area C

The Plan failed in comparison to the Jordan Option the details of which are summarized here.

Arutz Sheva published a report that Netanyahu promised Saudis to refrain from annexation in exchange for normalization a couple of days ago.

The Saudi terms make Biden and Congress the deal makers which is unfortunate,. Without their cooperation, it can not happen. According to the tentative terms, Israel doesn’t have to pursue a deal with the Palestinian Arabs. It just has to refrain from annexing (extending sovereignty to) Area C.

The Saudis also want to replace Jordan on the Temple Mount. My guess is the Saudi demands are not written in stone. They will easily give up the Palestinian Arab cause for a role on the Temple Mount and a peace agreement with Israel.

Netanyahu should not commit himself to Biden or to MBS to not extend sovereignty. Instead he should extend sovereignty at first, at least to the 30% Trump advocated ,come what may. Both Biden and MBS will have no choice but to accept it.

MBS isn’t considering joining the Abraham Accords (AA) as a means to get Israel not to annex. There are other much more important reasons for joining the AA. If he accepts them, so will Biden, who wants to fix his relations with the Saudis (America is freezing) before they get fully in bed with the Chinese and the Russians.

Extending sovereignty to Area C is far more important to Israel than getting Saudi Arabia to enter the AA. Similarly, the US will not sever its relationship with Israel should Israel extend sovereignty to Area C. The US depends on Israel for many things which it will not jeopardize.

Ted Belman is a retired attorney and the editor of Israpundit. He made aliya in 2009 and is now living in Jerusalem.