MK Yitzhak Pindrus (United Torah Judaism) on Thursday commented on the ongoing incitement towards the haredi public in recent weeks, telling Israel National News in an interview that the claims against the haredim are nothing more than fake news, the entire purpose of which is to defame his public.

On the claim that the conduct of the haredi public creates a heavy financial burden on the rest of society that pays taxes in Israel, Pindrus said, "Do you know of tax increases because of students of Torah? I don't know of any. I don't know haredim who pay less taxes. These are irrelevant questions."

The issue of the army draft, which also comes up these days, is an issue that has existed in the social discourse in Israel since the establishment of the state, he noted. "This is an issue that has existed for 74 years and it will continue to exist. It is not going to change in the new government. The Supreme Court assigned the issue to the Knesset and it will be dealt with in the Knesset. The Supreme Court ruled that the law will expire by March."

Pindrus also responded to the claims of young people from the haredi sector who have integrated into the working world in Israel and who argue that the representatives of the haredi public do not represent them, but only those students of Torah.

"Open up the coalition agreement. There are countless sections on employment issues and assistance for employment. There are many sections there," he said. "We want to take care of the rights of the haredi public as well as of the public sphere in the State of Israel. These are the two issues for which we were sent and with God's help we will do it. With good government tools and good ministers and members of the Knesset we will succeed in this matter."