Netanyahu back in the Prime Minister's Office
Netanyahu back in the Prime Minister's Officespokesperson

The 37th government of Israel held its first Cabinet meeting Thursday evening after being sworn-in earlier in the day.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out his goals for the new government in remarks at the start of the Cabinet meeting.

"I am very moved to open the first Cabinet meeting of the 37th Government. This really is a festive day," Netanyahu said.

He continued: "On the way here from the Knesset, I managed to meet many citizens. They were smiling and happy. They were happy, first of all, that we came back and formed a government, and that we restored stability, and they are happy because they are certain that we will work together for all citizens of Israel."

"This is the sixth time that I have formed a Government of Israel. I can tell you that I am starting my 16th year as Prime Minister of Israel. My friends, you can assume here that we are already accustomed to it but I am not used to it, I am excited this time too. I am excited, first of all, due to the great trust that the people of Israel have given us. I am excited by the responsibility that lies before us. I am excited because I know that we have an excellent team, with outstanding people imbued with a sense of mission who will work for all citizens of Israel.

He said that the new government will have four main goals: "First of all, to block Iran. This is an existential question. First of all, we will see to our existence and security. Second, to restore the security and governance within the State of Israel. Third, to deal with the cost of living and the housing problem. Fourth, and I believe that this is within reach, to dramatically expand the circle of peace."

"I am certain that we will do this because we are a united government. I can tell you this is different: Without peer, without alternatives, without any of the previous limitations. We are a united government that also has a unified vision and goal.

"We have already brought to Israel the 'Golden Age' – the best years in its history. Now we will take Israel to new heights and we will do so as a responsible and dedicated government that will fulfill its term. I wanted to say that the ceremony has ended over but I cannot tell you that because from here we are going to the ceremony at the President's Residence. I can already say – the ceremony has ended. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work," Netanyahu concluded.