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Iran is endowed with impending troubles. After a hoped-for regime change in Iran, the political theatre of Middle East will be changed dramatically. For instance, one of the main results will be institutionalizing democracy, peace, and stability in the area. Unquestionably, a clear region free of Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban, ISIS and mullahs has the capacity for entering a modern era. Just imagine life in the region without IRGC, MOIS or the Quds Force! It would be one of the wonders of the world in the 21st century.

History and geography can not be changed effortlessly. Geopolitically, Iran is a powerful neighbor of the Arab states in the Persian Gulf. However, there are numerous mutual points between Iranian and Arab culture. Furthermore, after regime change in Iran, there will be no arms race any longer among the players. Instead of squandering billions of dollars in an arms race, these states will concentrate on economic improvement, industrial technology or their educational systems.

With brutal honesty, since 1979, there is no pride, honor, and identity for Iranians. Certainly, Raisi, Ahmadinejad, Khatami or Banisadr brought dishonor on Iranian society. Once cannot unring the bell; but after the chaos of 1979 in Iran was plunged in barbarism and darkness. The mullah’s regime humiliated Iran. You wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.

While not democratically elected, the Pahlavi dynasty was not tyrannical and at least spared Iranians shame. They created modern Iran. Pahlavi’s kings have records in the contemporary history of Iran. Therefore, Iranians trusted them and nowadays the young generation are reading history to learn how at decisive moments, these late great men helped Iranians.

Meanwhile, as the world is watching, the mullahs have sold Iran for a song. There is no room for doubt that the criminal mullahs, with their destructive ideology of Khominism, demolished the region by means of terrorist groups.

It will be more effective for the Arab States in the region to halt any support to the former terrorists, separatist puppets of Saddam Hussein or pro-regime reformists. Supporting 2% of Iranian society does not meet present-day needs.. How can pro-Khomeini or pro-Saddam puppets, with radical ideologies and inferiority complexes, be trustworthy? This is a crystal-clear reason to understand the argument of Shah when he labeled these criminal and malevolent marionettes as Islamic Marxist terrorists. May he rest in peace.

Down with the dictator
Down with the dictatorErfan Fard

What can we do about it? The first best way to seek a remedy, instead of barking up the wrong tree, will be supporting the real Iranian oppositions, such as The Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi or a patriotic circle. Iran can be the best ally of Arab States and Israel in the region once more. This reality is on record before 1979.

Alas, Saudi Arabia supports MEK and some Kurdish separatist groups, all of them Islamic Marxists. They have ties with Islamic leftists (moderates and reformists), which have caused Iranians to worry. If you remind them that Iran International TV is a center of above-mentioned groups, it just goes in one ear and out the other. But this TV has blacklists of guests to force opponents off the stage.

In other words, a TV related to reformists or separatist’s destructive ideology cannot spread democracy in Iran. The Saudis fell into the trap of MOIS, which is under control of reformists and has ties with terrorists and ethnic separatists. That’s about par for the course. Is it not entirely implausible that a former director of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in Iran who is the director of Iran international, can be faithful? But that’s the way it is.

The rational thing to do is to make it public. This anti-regime protests in Iran cannot be reduced. Action speaks louder than words. The courageous young generation are confronting the worst terrorist power in the globe. Regime change in a theocratic regime is extremely complicated, though the mullah’s regime is on the brink of an abyss.

Iranians against the Mullahs
Iranians against the MullahsErfan Fard

The world will be a better place after regime change in Iran.

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is the front runner in the show, unaware of the fact that all the other fake opposition in the diaspora is not good for Iranian society. Improbably, some of these boisterous dolls wallowed in corruption. Inexplicably and inexcusably, John Bulton and Michael Pompeo are full of praise for MEK and holding court to some old-fashioned and worthless forces. The bird has flown, it stands to reason that there is no chance for an Islamic terrorist group to rule in Iran.

The late Shah, without guile, was a very loyal ally of Israel and the USA. In 1979, Khomeini was the standard-bearer of barbarism and Jimmy Carter was up to no good. For quite some time, It will be a false dawn if we find that the current Democrat president in the White House has no desire to recognize this reality, to recognize the revolution in Iran.

Nowadays, Iran is aware of another possible source of disappointment and betrayal. To cut a long story short, if the European Union and Biden prevent resuscitating the dead JCPOA, the world will watch the melting of mullah’s regime in less than 1 to 1.5 years. Any mullah’s heart is in his mouth, because they know where they stand.

The Biden administration's Iran policy is shrouded in mystery.. The only problem is that nine times out of ten, the Democrats like to support diplomacy with the mullahs. And a deal with the terrorist loving mullahs, will paint a grim picture of life in the region once more.

Erfan Fardis a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). Erfan is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD / The newly published book of Erfan Fard is: “The gruesome mullah” , which has been published in the USA.