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As part of the coalition agreements between the Likud and Religious Zionism, the new government will work to strengthen the Jewish settlement in Hebron, Kan Reshet Bet reports.

In the clause that discusses the matter in the agreement, the coalition affirms to enlarge and expand the Jewish settlement in Hebron, the city of the forefathers. This is in addition to general clauses that discuss the fortifying of the settlement of Judea and Samaria in a wider sense.

The reason for adding a specific clause that deals with the Jewish settlement in Hebron is connected to the fact that the city has made headlines recently due to the left-wing activists who came to protest the Jewish presence and due to a filmed confrontation which received a lot of media coverage between the activists and IDF soldiers.

The clause is an answer to the demands by the left to evacuate Hebron and a clear statement that the Jewish settlement is not only not slated for evacuation but is slated to be expanded.

An additional clause in the agreement will promote a bill regarding terrorists who are Israeli Arabs or residents of eastern Jerusalem and according to which the state would be able to deprive the citizenship and residency of an indicted terrorist and deport them.

The bill, which was already submitted by MKs Orit Strock and Avi Dichter, states that if the terrorist is an Israeli citizen or a resident of eastern Jerusalem and receives a reward from the PA for the attack which he carried out and for his time in an Israeli jail, the state would be able to deny him citizenship or residency and deport him to PA territory.

The bill was proposed several times in the past but was not approved by the Knesset. This time it is part of the coalition agreement along with a bill that would allow the death penalty for Palestinian terrorists.