Google search shows fffensive definition of "Jew"
Google search shows fffensive definition of "Jew"Screenshot

Google apologized on Tuesday after controversy surrounding the definition of "Jew" that appeared as a result on the popular search engine, Fox News reports.

When the word "Jew" was searched on Google on Tuesday morning, the word was defined as to "Bargain with someone in a miserly or petty way," with the origin being "in reference to old stereotypes associating Jewish people with trading and money lending."

The StopAntisemitism organization denounced this, writing on Twitter, "When one enters ‘jew’ into the Google search engine, a grotesque antisemitic trope comes up. This is in unacceptable, Google."

Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan took to Twitter later on Tuesday to apologize on behalf of the search engine company, while also offering an explanation.

"Our apologies," Sullivan wrote. "Google licenses definitions from third-party dictionary experts. We only display offensive definitions by default if they are the main meaning of a term. As this is not the case here, we have blocked this & passed along feedback to the partner for further review."

Fox News Digital sought a statement from Google as to why the search for the word "Jew" was listing an "offensive" verb as the top definition, before it recently was switched back to the noun definition.

In response, Google turned the attention to Sullivan’s tweet and a help center article about how Google sources definitions on Search.