Rabbi Hagai Lundin
Rabbi Hagai LundinCourtesy

We did not merit for G-d's letting lead us any longer, and Rabbi Chaim Druckman zt”l, the pillar of leadership of the national-religious community, has left us. It is no coincidence that it was on the eighth light of Hanukkah, the day considered to be above nature.

The Holy Zohar states that the righteous exist after their lives even more when they were alive. While the soul is in the body, its influence is limited in a natural way, in some it even opposes it; on the other hand, as the body goes away, the spiritual influence spreads more and more.

In the Torah portion Vayechi, which describes the death of our patriarch Yaakov, the Sages explain: Our father Yaakov did not die – just as his zera [seed] is alive, so is he; When one leaves an imprint and a "seed" in the world—children, disciples, and influence—they continue to live with us. When one learns the teachings of the righteous and continues their path, it is said that "his lips mouth the words in the grave, as though he is talking".

Torah scholars who led our community began their journey decades ago. At that time, the national-religious public was small and negligible. When these scholars pass from this world, tens of thousands of students in the immediate circle and hundreds of thousands of students in other circles accompany their bier.

Israeli society – the majority unconsciously – is slowly aligning itself with the "Torah of the Land of Israel": traditionalism on the one hand and integration into state systems on the other. The recent elections proved that the teachings of the late Rabbi Druckman and his contemporaries succeeded them and made waves in reality in a huge way; and what more can one ask of his life in this world?