The news agency Wap which operates inside Oman reported on Sunday that on Monday the country's Islamic council will discuss changing the first clause of the law which boycotts Israel.

Kan News is reporting that the clause prohibits contact with bodies and individuals that are in Israel.

In recent months, Israel has been pressuring Oman to allow flights from Israel to pass through its airspace. This comes after Saudi Arabia made a similar concession last July.

In October 2018, then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to Oman, and it seemed there was a warming of ties between the countries.

Later, then-Minister Yisrael Katz also visited Oman, where he presented a plan for the construction of a railway between Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf.

However, Oman’s Foreign Minister stated in 2019 that his country will not be the next in line to sign a normalization agreement with Israel.