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Two weeks ago, Arab rioters climbed the hill to the Nahalat Zvi outpost, blocked the sole access road, and threw rocks at the young men living there. Since that day, however, those harassing the outpost's settlers have been Israeli Border Police officers, not local Arabs.

On that day in late November, it took an hour for residents and soldiers to chase the Arabs back to their village. Miraculously, the incident ended with no injuries, even though the residents were trapped on the top of the hill for over an hour. Shortly afterward, the commander of the Binyamin Regional Brigade, Colonel Eliav Elbaz, arrived at the scene and was approached by the worried victims who came to him looking for answers.

"Where are you from?" Colonel Elbaz asked, to which the residents replied that they were from Nahalat Zvi.

"I've never heard of such a place," the colonel replied, and when one of the residents told him that he should be familiar with the communities in his district, he shot back, "This outpost won't exist for much longer."

Another resident then yelled that Arabs had blocked the access road and that they had been trapped for an hour, but the commander mocked him, saying, "What road? Tomorrow I'll be back with a D9 bulldozer and I'll demolish everything."

נחלת צבי
נחלת צביצילום: נחלת צבי

Since then, the outpost's residents report they are being subjected to "an unprecedented campaign of harassment." At least twice a week, dozens of Border Police officers raid the hill and violently arrest anyone they find there. The hill has been declared a closed military zone in an attempt to prevent the outpost's residents, two families and a core group of young men, from staying there overnight.

The residents say that the police raids become more sophisticated every day, and it would seem that the regional brigade commander has set a goal of preventing Jews from living at the outpost. "The police officers conduct raids in the middle of the night, on foot, without flashlights, and they arrest anyone they find here, ambushing residents under the cover of darkness," they relate.

The officers do not spare the homes of the two families living at Nahalat Zvi, who find themselves surrounded by police in the middle of the night and are sent out into the cold together with their young children.

The worst incident so far occurred on Wednesday morning. Police forces raided the outpost yet again, but this time they did not just detain residents -- they also decided to destroy everything that got in their way. A wooden bungalow that served as a residence and a shelter from the rain was smashed to smithereens by officers using both their feet and hammers; tents were slashed with knives; and other items were was trampled and destroyed.

"We are experiencing an unprecedented campaign of harassment " say the residents. "The regional commander has decided to team up with the PA and the Arabs from the village of Mukhmus, who just recently violently attacked us, and he is working hand-in-hand with them to remove this strategic outpost which prevents the Arabs from taking over this land.

"There are no words to describe the insanity of a situation in which the army's response to a murderous Arab attack is a campaign of harassment conducted by the Israeli security establishment itself. They are sending a clear signal to the Arab rioters that terrorism pays."

The IDF declined to comment on the allegations.