Car damaged in shooting attack near Gilad Farm
Car damaged in shooting attack near Gilad FarmRoi Hadai

The Shin Bet, National Counterterrorism Unit, and the IDF arrested a wanted terrorist suspected of involvement in the shooting attack near Havat Gilad last Friday. The Farm is in the vicinity of Nablus (Shechem).

Mujahid Mazid, 25 years old, is a Hamas terrorist who served a prison sentence in Israel for his involvement in terrorist activities.

He was transferred to the Shin Bet for investigation.

On Sunday, another terrorist suspected of involvement in the attack was arrested - Nasser Nakiv, 47 years old, a resident of the Askar refugee camp in Nablus, a member of the Tanzim, the militant faction of the Palestinian Fatah movement, who was also imprisoned in Israel in the past for acts of terrorism.

He was previously involved in a shooting attack, drug trafficking, and is suspected of being involved in the shooting attack that took place last weekend (Friday) near Havat Gilad. During the operation, the forces also arrested Nasser Nakiv's son, who is suspected of being involved in the same shooting attack.

"Near the illegal outpost, Haselah, a car with a yellow license plate [Israeli] that was standing on the side of the road made a u-turn as I approached, almost blocking me," said Shmuel Reinitz, a resident of Emanuel whose car the terrorist shot, in an interview with the "Kalman Lieberman" show on Kan Reshet Bet Radio.

"I moved to the left, overtook him, and heard shots. The terrorist was sitting outside with a long rifle and a barrel. I think he laughed. The windshield broke. I ran away from the scene and stopped at the side. I saw that I was breathing, I touched my head, I saw that everything was fine and I thanked G-d. After that the commanders of the army came and took a bullet out of my car’s headrest, which entered through the right door," he added.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, congratulated the Samaria Brigade Col. Shimon Siso on capturing the terrorist. "On behalf of the residents of Samaria and the entire nation of Israel, I thank the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the security system for the quick and efficient action.

I was there at the scene of the attack on Friday and it was a step away from an incident with a fatality. Miraculously, the incident ended without casualties. Catching the targeted terrorist immediately is of great importance. The settlements in Samaria and the entire nation of Israel are strong, we will never break."

Dagan also attacked the government and said: "I demand from the government not to repeat the mistakes of a few months ago, to return the checkpoints, to eliminate the terrorist infrastructure. We will not allow the wave of terrorism to return here."