The check that will be presented to the soldiers
The check that will be presented to the soldiersTorat Lehima

Two soldiers from the IDF's Givati brigade who confronted leftist activists in Hebron and voiced political opinions last month will receive tens of thousand shekels grant.

30 thousand shekels were raised in recent days through a crowdfunding campaign and on Wednesday, the sum will be granted to the families of the two soldiers at a ceremony in Hebron.

The body behind the grant is the "Torat Lehima" organization, which wishes to show support for the two soldiers: One who punched a left-wing activist, threw him to the ground, and is still under military police investigation, and the second who proclaimed to the activist "Ben Gvir will make order in this place," (referring to the designated National Security Minister), "I don't like leftists," and "I'll break your face", and was sentenced to six days in military prison.

Torat Lehima director Cpt. (Res.) Rabbi Aviad Gadot stated: "The moment has come to pay our debt to the dear soldiers who give their lives for the nation of Israel. On Wednesday, we will show the soldiers that Israel doesn't leave them behind and we all came together to contribute to the dear soldiers."