HaTikva in Abu Dhabi
HaTikva in Abu Dhabimedici.tv / Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Nearly 77 years had passed since the ensemble's last performance in an Arab country, during its visit to Cairo, Egypt, in 1945.

Yesterday, (Tuesday, December 20) First Lady Michal Herzog was the guest of honor at the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's historic concert at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, conducted by musical director Lahav Shani, in the presence of UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and the UAE's Culture Minister Noura AlKaabi.

The IPO opened the concert with a rousing and moving rendition of Israel's national anthem, HaTikvah.

"I am moved to be part of this historic and groundbreaking event, which represents a new leap in the warm relations between our countries, this time in the field of culture, led by one of our most important cultural symbols, the Israel Philharmonic," said First Lady Michal Herzog.

"Music has a special power to move the soul and connect people, communities, and nations. Sustainable peace between states relies, above all, on peace between people, and I think that today it is clear beyond doubt that the stronger we build these foundations, whether economic, cultural, or social, the more we will strengthen the future of our peace," she added.