Soldier wearing IDF Spokesperson's badge
Soldier wearing IDF Spokesperson's badgeYonatan Sindel/Flash90

An IDF soldier in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit who was punished earlier this week for expressing political opinions on social media has now authored an "anonymous" column that was published in the left-wing Haaretz newspaper.

In his column, the soldier blames various journalists for his punishment and accuses them of "going out on a crusade against me and my friends."

"I am one of the soldiers that Yinon Magal and Tzahi Davush decided to tie to the stake," the soldier wrote, adding that, "If they hadn't publicized what we said, virtually no one would have heard our story, so it's ironic that their desire for revenge and punishment led to more prominence for our tweets."

The soldier also made no secret of his political views, writing that, "In Israel in 2022, there's no right-wing or left-wing. There's just Kahane or sanity. When you look at the political and social reality in Israel, you can figure out what most soldiers who maintain the occupation in the territories really think. Every single day they encounter a civilian population living under military rule. What Magal and Davush did is the equivalent of reporting a non-exemplary soldier to the military police, in terms of the seriousness of the offense."

Responding to the column, MK Amichai Chikli (Likud) stated, "Throughout my IDF service, including times of great violence and bloodshed and the destruction of an entire segment of the Land, it never once occurred to me to publish political columns. Not as a soldier, not as a fighter, and certainly not as an officer. It is a very grave incident when a soldier permits himself to publish a political column after being criticized for what he wrote on social media. I hope very much that this soldier will be removed from the IDF Spokesperson's office immediatly, and that a thorough investigation will be conducted."