Liba Ahuva Schreiber leaves hospital with her child
Liba Ahuva Schreiber leaves hospital with her childShaarei Tzedek Medical Center

The pregnant Jewish woman from New York who was seriously wounded when she was shot in the stomach in a terrorist attack near King David's Tomb has been released from the hospital together with her baby, four months after the attack.

Liba Ahuva Schreiber, 37, was visiting Israel with her family when the terrorists opened fire on them and other civilians waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem in August, and was one of eight people who were wounded in the attack. She was taken to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in serious condition with multi-systemic injuries. Schreiber, who was 26 weeks pregnant, was forced to give birth prematurely.

Hospital staff were ecstatic at the recovery of Schreiber and her baby and hung balloons and signs wishing the family well before they left the hospital.

Schreiber was able to hold her infant for the first time since his birth, after being unable to see him due to the complex and prolonged treatment both of them had required.

Her husband, Chaim Schreiber, said upon the release of his wife and newborn son from the hospital: "Blessed is He who performed a miracle for us in this place. We arrived here after Tisha B'Av and we are leaving on the eve of the Hanukkah holiday and are happy to celebrate Hanukkah at home with family. Our lives were in danger, and we thank the Creator of the World that we lived and survived and for His miracles and wonders. A special thanks to the dedicated medical, nursing and social staff members who treated and saved the lives of my wife and the baby."

"Thank you to the MDA team that saved her life and evacuated her quickly. Thank you to the trauma and intensive care team that saved her and brought her back from the brink of death to life and to the entire surgical department and all the other supporting departments and units that fought for her survival and rehabilitation. Thank you to the team who treated the premature baby for four months until he was able to go home with us, hale and healthy," the father said.

Liba Schreiber and her son still have a long road to full recovery and rehabilitation ahead of them. They will have to return to the hospital for further follow-up care and medical treatment, including additional surgeries. The family has asked the public to continue to pray for the complete recovery of Liba Ahuva Bat Rivka Breindel and for her son, Dovid Ben Liba Ahuva.