March in support of Hamas in the Gaza Strip
March in support of Hamas in the Gaza StripMajdi Fathi/TPS

Abu Obeida, the official spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, said on Sunday that "the threats of the occupation and the settler leaders towards (the) Al-Aqsa Mosque to increase the number of invasions (of the site -ed.) in order to gain control over the holy site, are dangerous and teach about the character of the criminal group that reached the wheel of power in the (Zionist) entity."

"At this stage, a state of alertness is required by the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation to protect the place of their prophet's (Muhammad) ascension to heaven from the wretched scoundrels," he added.

In an interview with Hamas' Al-Risala website, Abu Obeida further said that the "crimes" that Israel is committing are the beginning of its "departure and destruction by the believers (Muslims -ed.)."

In a message to the terrorist prisoners serving time in Israel, Abu Obeida said, "You are a symbol that accompanies all of our jihadist activity, and you are the priority. The decision to bring about your release and loosen your chains is irreversible, and the leadership (of the Al-Qassam Brigades) and the organizations of the resistance are not sparing effort, time and planning to set you free. Your freedom is a (moral) debt and a decision (to be carried out)."

In this context, Abu Obeida stressed that Hamas' decision to increase the number of "captive soldiers", meaning to abduct more Israeli soldiers, is still valid, and that the "enemy" will regret its stubborn approach in negotiations to reach an exchange deal.

Commenting on the wave of terrorism in Israel, Abu Obeida said that "this activity is the most important in the last 15 years and will have strategic implications for the future of the Zionist entity."

Abu Obeida urged the Palestinian Arabs in Israel, "Continue to escalate the resistance, because we are facing a campaign for existence, right, history and future, and you are the victory... Your heroic, high-quality and continuous activity constitutes the occupier's terrifying nightmare. Surprise your enemy and arrive from a place he does not expect."

Abu Obeida noted that the resistance activity of the Al-Qassam Brigades created a new reality in which "Gaza became a forbidden area (for action) for the occupier and it became a base for military activity, arming and (military) preparation for all the resistance organizations" and "an affinity was created between the resistance activity and the major national issues, including the issue of Jerusalem and the prisoners."