Ronen Hanania
Ronen HananiaCourtesy of the family

The IDF announced on Sunday its intention to demolish the apartment in which terrorist Muhammad Jabari lived.

Jabari in October carried out a shooting attack near Hebron in which Ronen Hanania was murdered and several others were wounded.

The terrorist's family was given the opportunity to file a petition against the demolition.

Hanania was murdered on a Saturday night in October. The terrorist opened fire on him and his son when they left a grocery store owned by a Palestinian Arab.

The son, Daniel, was lightly wounded from a gunshot to his hand. The terrorist left the scene in a car, but returned on foot eight minutes later. He opened fire again and seriously wounded medic Ofer Ohana. A civilian security coordinator drove his vehicle to the scene and ran over the terrorist, at which point a Golani soldier on leave shot him and killed him.

Hanania was murdered a few days before his 50th birthday. He is survived by his wife Meirav, and his only son - Daniel, 20 years old.