Movinglife is an Israeli startup which manufactures the most innovative mobility scooters on the market under the name ATTO. Movinglife’s products are currently sold in over 50 countries, and offer more benefits than any other mobility scooter around.

Designed to unfold and be ready for use in less than 10 seconds, ATTO can be folded easily to the size of a compact trolley suitcase and stored at home after riding. When traveling, ATTO is easily split into two lightweight parts - a feature that allows users to fit them in the trunk of a car or in the upper storage bin on a plane. Speaking about flying - ATTO is the leading flight-approved scooter in the world today. Thanks to the advanced design, users can roll right onto the plane and up to their seat. This is a real game-changer for people who rely on their wheels to get around, and who don't want to feel needy or restricted.

For years, religious Jews had no perfect scooter solution for Shabbat, since they needed to trust independent installers of systems which were costly and not widely halachically approved.

A year ago, Movinglife introduced SHABBATTO - the only mobility scooter which uses an integrated and mehudar solution using "Continuous Current Change" - which means there is always electricity in the system and the engine runs constantly in the background, allowing users to enjoy this scooter on Shabbat without relying on grama at all. This mechanism was designed and approved in collaboration the Zomet Institute in Israel.

For a free home demo:
Israel: Call 077-2308642 or click here
US: Call 1-855-340-4013 or click here
UK: Call 0800 808 5747 or click here
Global: Call +972-77-2308642