Aerial view of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Aerial view of Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaiStock

Designated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an interview with Saudi broadcaster Al Arabiya in which he expressed the hope he could work towards normalization with Saudi Arabia, saying such a peace “will be a quantum leap for an overall peace between Israel and the Arab world. It will change our region in ways that are unimaginable.”

Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with other Gulf Arab countries, share a common foe, the Iranian regime; the oppressive, theocratic, nuclear weapons-seeking, number one state sponsor of terrorism. American policy under the Trump administration was more forceful against Iran and friendlier to Israel and the Gulf Arab states, enabling the historic Abraham Accords peace agreements. The Biden administration has undertaken a rapprochement with Iran and distanced the United States from traditional Middle East allies, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Zionist Organization of America National President Morton A. Klein stated, “We call on the Biden administration to use every element of American diplomatic and economic power to facilitate peace and normalization of relations between two long-standing U.S. allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Instead of coddling the mullahs of Iran who are racing toward a nuclear arsenal and brutally repressing their citizens, even executing freedom-seeking protesters, America must focus on growing the circle of Middle East peace initiated under the Abraham Accords.”

ZOA Director of Government Relations Dan Pollak added, “We urge members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to reach out to the White House and the State Department in support of efforts to facilitate an Israeli-Saudi normalization agreement. Saudi Arabia is a traditional U.S. ally and Israel is America’s most important ally in the region. While there have long been rumors of covert cooperation, these two American friends deserve a robust peace.”