Israel Ganz and Congressman Dr. Andy Harris
Israel Ganz and Congressman Dr. Andy Harrisעצמי

After the midterm elections, Binyamin Regional Council chief Yisrael Ganz flew to the United States to meet with government officials and members of Congress to promote the settlement of the land of Israel.

Ganz presented the Congress members with a map that shows the Arab takeover of land and the European Union's involvement in the Palestinian project to strategically take over land in Judea and Samaria. On the maps, he showed the Arab building plans that choke out the Jewish communities and main roads.

Representative and member of the Congressional Finance Committee Dr. Andy Harris (R-MD), stated that "The government of Israel has the full right to stop the illegal construction committed by the Palestinian Authority or any other body in areas under its control. The involvement of any foreign body, including the EU, is not acceptable."

In addition, the Binyamin Regional Council chief is working with members of Congress so that the US funding for the Palestinian Authority will be given for the advancement of roads and infrastructure. "If you really want to help the Arab population you need to designate the funding for building infrastructure. Today the Palestinian Authority embezzles the funds and instead of improving the lives of its population it pollutes the environment and supports terrorism and the murder of Jews. It is better that the American taxpayer at least knows that the money that is going to the Palestinians really serves them. The way to do this is to designate the funding for infrastructure and roads."

Representative Harris stated that he "will work to ensure that the US won't prevent Israel from developing the crucial infrastructure for the residents of the Binyamin Region and the settlements. Proper infrastructure is critical to the safety of the area's residents. The White House must ensure the needed funding for these goals. Politics can not prevent the improvement of the lives of the people who live in any place in the state of Israel."

Harris expressed support for the settlement movement and stated "The United States' obligation is to stand with the state of Israel. Washington has a great interest that Binyamin, Judea, Samaria, and the whole land of the Bible, stay a part of the state of Israel. The union of these biblical lands benefits the peoples of all religions and ensures freedom of religion and access for all. This is not a roadblock to peace, but a golden opportunity for true peace."