Israel's junior science team
Israel's junior science teamEducation Ministry, the Center for the Science of the Future

Israel's junior science team won six medals at the International Junior Science Olympiad, which Israel participated in for the first time this year.

The International Junior Science Olympiad which has been taking place since 2004, was held this year in Bogota, Columbia, and hosted 203 participants from 39 different countries. Israel, which participated this year for the first time, sent a delegation of six students and alumni from Israel's junior science team.

The Education Ministry and the Maimonides Fund Center for the Scientists of the Future lead the training of Israel's junior science team. The team was trained at Tel Aviv University for Youth under the guidance of Roni Holitzer, Yonatan Aharoni, Rim Abu Ras, and a team of guides from the junior team. The delegation was led by Roni Holitzer, Yonatan Aharoni, and the delegation's coordinator Michal Fridiger.

The International Junior Science Olympiad includes exams in three areas: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The 10-day competition includes multiple-choice, theoretical, and practical exams. All exams include questions from every field.