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Says here, quite clearly, that Israel admits that through an accident, its forces killed a teenage girl in Jenin.

End of story? No. The Biden Administration, through its State Department, demands further investigations and “accountability.”

Like what? Presumably, Biden demands hand-wringing sorrow for a Palestinian Arab girl who was on a roof, not the roof of her own home, next to a terrorist and crouching in the line of fire between the IDF and her brother terrorists.

She may have been an “innocent” bystander. If we forget that they so frequently use children, girls, and women as fodder; human shields.

In our world, 16-year-old girls are being readied for the Prom. Their world we will never understand.

We say to life. They rally for death…and Israel is given permission to defend itself, so long as no harm comes to the enemy.

For collateral damage in the fog of war, the Israelis are always to be faulted. The other side gets the benefit of the doubt.

In any case, outgoing prime minister Yair Lapid rushed to offer his condolences to the family, and to the world, in case you are wondering why he was voted out of office.

Israelis prefer strong leadership, rather than being portrayed as “Jews on trembling knees.”

Meantime, Palestinian Arab terrorists continue their murderous campaign against Israeli civilians and off-duty soldiers.

The highways and byways are unsafe. For Jews. In their own country.

So where is Biden on this? We’ve yet to hear his State Department demand accountability from the Palestinian Authority.

Nor does Biden insist that the PA must stop its pay-to-slay pogrom…or else the financing will be cut off. To the contrary.

The PA has hit the jackpot through Biden’s generosity from American tax dollars. Trump had turned the spigot off.

This teenage girl in Jenin. We already know her name. But we do not know the names of the IDF guys who day after day must go in against terrorists armed to the teeth, but in they go fully aware that harm’s way is the only way. They put their lives at risk for G-d, family and country, and many of them are teenagers as well.

Outside of Israel, where are the tears for them…the thousands maimed and killed to protect Israel against Palestinian Arabs who are taught to hate and kill Jews from the cradle onwards? Jenin, population around 40,000, in Samaria, in what used to be Biblical En-Gannim, a stronghold for the Levites living in the land allotted the tribe of Issachar, is now occupied by Arabs.

They are administered by the PA, but ruled by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Any wonder that it is a flashpoint of terror!

So Biden demands accountability. The one word that comes to mind is chutzpah. Biden has yet to answer for Afghanistan...
Jenin was handed over to the Arabs in 1995 as part of the Taba Agreement, a period when Israel was willing to trade land for peace, but got no peace.

Today, there is no such thing as cleaning house, because, among diehard segments, they continue to breed.

The IDF has no choice but to keep them from running wild throughout the Land.

So Biden demands accountability.

The one word that comes to mind is chutzpah.

Biden has yet to answer for Afghanistan, his reckless pullout that left thousands behind and which caused the murder of 13 US service members.

In the military, leaving your people behind is cause for court-martial. From a president, it is cause for impeachment.

How can such a man demand accountability from anyone…anyone but himself?

Naturally, he’s been in the clear, with the media covering for him. That will change when the Republicans take over the House, Jan 3, and start digging.

Yes, it is time for accountability. Not the sort he had in mind.

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