The volunteers with the rescued child
The volunteers with the rescued childYedidim

In the morning, a worried mother called Yedidim, a nonprofit specializing in volunteer roadside assistance for drivers, and reported that her eight-month-old son was accidentally locked in a car on Gordon Street in Kiryat Ono.

Yedidim dispatcher David Rivani answered the call and called volunteers Shira Ashkenazi, Uri Ben-Tov and Doron Kalaf to the scene. Using specialized equipment, the volunteers rescued the baby safely and quickly, without causing damage to the vehicle.

Volunteer Shira Ashkenazi commented: "This morning while I was at the kindergarten where I work as a kindergarten teacher, a mother rushed into the kindergarten and said that her son, one of the children in the kindergarten, had locked herself in her car. I immediately went out to the parking lot to get my lockpicking kit from my car."

"The mother didn't understand what I was doing, but within a minute her child was in her hands. She was shocked that I, the kindergarten teacher, rescued her son and added that this is another important detail why she is happy that her child is in my kindergarten. I feel an incredible sense of satisfaction to be part of this organization and to be able to save lives," she added.