Black university students (illustrative)
Black university students (illustrative)iStock

Certainly, the rap star and clothing designer Ye (aka Kanye West) is not stupid, as anyone who watched his interview with Tucker Carlson saw with their own eyes. He is articulate and thoughtful. He told Carlson that he was raised by a mother he loved and a father he idolized, “the most brilliant man.” His father, he proudly stated, was a member of the Black Panthers Party, a Marxist-Leninist and black power organization founded in 1966.

Before it was founded, Blacks and Jews comprised an influential alliance, with Jews contributing significant financial aid and both moral support and concrete assistance to numerous Black organizations fighting for equality and against racism. Not to omit their collaborative efforts to enroll Blacks to vote, for which New York residents, Jewish volunteers Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were savagely murdered in 1964 in Mississippi.

Yet given this history, quite familiar to Ye, he nevertheless tweeted on October 9, 2022, that his intention was to go Def Con 3 on Jewish people, which to most people meant to wipe out the Jews who so irritate and enrage him, and that includes the power he apparently believes the Jews in his life––his managers, agents, handlers, doctors, et al––seem to have over him.

Kyrie Irving, too, the Brooklyn Nets phenom basketball star, is, like Ye, highly intelligent and thoughtful. But on October 27, 2022, he tweeted a link to an Amazon listing page for Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America, a 2018 film based on a book of the same name, which promotes Black Hebrew Israelite ideology, apparently theorizing, as Chaim Lax spells out, that Blacks were really the first Jews.

Clearly neither of these grievance purveyors have ever seen the massive number of proud dark-skinned Israeli Jews who hail from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and Ethiopia. In fact, Barry Shaw, author, journalist, and executive in the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies writes that, “white Israelis are a minority in the Jewish homeland.


Barry Shaw, author, journalist, and executive in the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies writes that, “white Israelis are a minority in the Jewish homeland.”
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Hate Crime statistics, Jews remain the highest target of rampant racism in America, but it is rare to see any reaction from the media when Jews are assaulted, harassed, vilified, physically attacked and even murdered, not only in America but around the world. So, it was quite out of the ordinary when Ye was immediately and severely sanctioned by the advertisers who have made him a billionaire and that overnight he lost that status and was reduced––a big boo hoo here—to being worth a mere $400-million dollars

Kyrie, too, was sanctioned, suspended from playing for five games, and lost millions in advertising revenue, including from Nike, which cancelled his pricey contract. To his credit, however, he posted this tweet:

"While doing research on YHWH, I posted a Documentary that contained some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion, and I take full accountability and responsibly for my actions," Irving wrote." I am grateful to have a big platform to share knowledge and I want to move forward by having an open dialogue to learn more and grow from this.”


Why was the Black-Jewish alliance natural?

Because Blacks had been slaves in Africa and America, and Jews had been slaves in Egypt for over 400 years.

Because Blacks were always reviled minorities outside of Africa and Jews were always reviled minorities in every country they have been exiled to for the past 4,000 years, except for the United States of America, which is 246 years old, and Israel, which is on the brink of its 75th anniversary.

Blacks in the U.S. represent approximately 14 percent of the population, while Jews represent approximately 2.4 percent of the population. But instead of these two naturally simpatico minorities supporting each other, we have the larger minority, Blacks, engaging in fulminating hatred of Jews for many decades––thanks to career anti-Semites like the pompous pontificating racists––the Devils quoting Scripture––Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, as well as Barack Obama, “the Squad” in the U.S. Congress, and now Ye and Kyrie, to name a teeny tiny sample of Black hatred toward Jews. All of whom have taught their acolytes to consider themselves victims!


The human race is driven by emotion. It’s nice to fantasize that we’re driven by empiricism, facts, objective truths. But both history and everyday life contradict that fantasy. Emotion rules the day.

The Number One emotion is fear, which we all witnessed as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, forced children to miss two years of schooling, destroyed many thousands of businesses, frightened millions of people into taking an experimental,vaccine.

The second most powerful emotion is jealousy. Most crimes––including murder––are committed in the name of this raging sentiment, and lesser crimes and everyday hostility are also caused by the monster of green-eyed envy. Basically, the person cursed with this emotion is saying: I covet what you have and the fact that you have it, and I don’t, makes me hate you.

After jealousy, the third and hugely powerful emotion is anger, an easy emotion to access, whether it involves dealing with an irritating relative, hitting a pothole that breaks your axle, even trying to reach your doctor by pushing 2, then 4, then 7, then more horrible music.

But fear, jealousy and anger are only three layers of the psychological onion.

There is a fourth, but let’s look first at where the rage of the Blacks should really be––but isn’t.


Who has inflicted the most harm on Blacks? In a word...Democrats.
Who has inflicted the most harm on Blacks? In a word...Democrats.

Who fought ferociously against President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed 3.5 million Black slaves for all time? Democrats!

Who created the Ku Klux Klan, which hunted down, tortured, lynched, and murdered Blacks during its entire tenure (from 1865 to today)? Democrats!

Who created the Jim Crow laws which mandated racial segregation in all public facilities? Everyone from Democrat President Woodrow Wilson to Democrat Alabama Governor George Wallace (“segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”) to Virginia Democrat and high-ranking KKK member Senator Robert Byrd, on and on––all Democrats!

Who fought fiercely against the Civil Rights legislation of 1964, which dismantled Jim Crow segregation, combatted racial discrimination, removed barriers to black enfranchisement in the South that banned poll taxes, literacy tests, and other measures that effectively prevented African Americans from voting? Democrats!


When all that failed to get rid of Blacks––as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, stated as her goal––Democrats figured that the sure-fire way to keep Blacks voting for them was one that destroyed their families.

To that end, they created a welfare system with the following rule: I will support you, Ms. Black Woman, with housing, food, medical care, and childcare…no matter how many babies you give birth to…with one condition: you cannot marry! If you marry, your benefits will either be substantially reduced… or eliminated!

Poof! The one-parent home was created, where Black mothers still had to work to make ends meet, where their children had no inspiring or disciplining male role models, and where single motherhood exploded from only seven percent––when the War on Poverty began in 1964 under Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson––to 23 percent today.


In the Great Northward Migration between 1910 and 1970, six-million Blacks left the rural south and many migrated to New York, where a criminal public school system has kept them ignorant and unemployable to this very day.

That system has “graduated” thousands upon thousands of Black students who are unable to read, calculate, or even speak coherently.
That system has “graduated” thousands upon thousands of Black students who are unable to read, calculate, or even speak coherently. Inevitably, they find work with the neighborhood hot shots who drive fancy cars, sport Rolex watches, and have huge wads of cash on hand––pimps, organized crime figures, and drug dealers. And then they end up in prison.

And who contributes mightily to this destructive system? None other than the president of the American Federation of Teachers from 1998 to today, Democrat Randi Weingarten, a woman former Secretary of State Mick Pompeo says "is a danger to our children."

The public schools run by Democrat-controlled unions and benefits-infatuated teachers have only vile insults at the mention of Eva Moskowitz, the woman who founded the first Charter School–– Success Academy––in New York City in 2006––there are now dozens, with Black parents clamoring to enroll their children. These schools educate children largely from black ghettos, who pass the demanding qualifying tests for high school graduation and college admission with flying colors on MERIT, graduate from top-flight colleges on MERIT, and then go on to lives of independence and success.


Then there was the Democrat idea of Affirmative Action, the patronizing and insulting policy of favoring individuals for college admissions who belong to groups regarded as disadvantaged or subject to discrimination. Of course, it was a crashing failure, as the program failed to see that Blacks who “graduated” from inferior high schools would not only be unable to keep up with the academic burden of college, but that they would be further wounded by their failure to do so.

So, they tried another strategy, the illiterate-supporting Common Core curricula inflicted on students by the Obama regime. Yet another crashing failure––unless you think that credit should be given to students who can explain how they arrived at 2 + 2 = 5!


Underneath the paralyzing layer of fear, below the obsessive nature of jealousy, under the blind rage and anger, there is the devastating emotion of despair. Of feeling that it’s all too much, too impossible, too overwhelming. This is the stuff of clinical depression. This is the stuff of suicide.

Despair has no allies. It is lonely. It is scary. It is immobilizing.

It is also what Ye and Kyrie and the legion of antisemites are most afraid of, with good reason, as suicides among Blacks have recently escalated dramatically.


Don’t despair! The absolute cure for Black rage, jealousy, anger, and despair lies in one simple word: Emulate!

Spend one month of your entire life living with an observant Jewish family, reading the Bible, learning of the extreme emphasis Jews place on family unity, education, philanthropy, and mitzvahs––good deeds that can range from a simple smile to building a cancer research center to rushing all over the world to help in disaster areas.

Study why Jews, because of vicious discrimination, were forced literally to create Hollywood, why they were forced to build some of the best medical and research centers in America because they were barred from internships and residencies, the list of survival strategies is long and impressive.

Stop the jealousy. Stop the rage. Stop listening to the screeching racist preachers and politicians who have told you that you were a victim starting in your mother’s womb!

Start joining us Jews in fighting the real enemy, the actual powerful forces that have kept you down, defeated, and depressed: Liberals, Leftists, and Progressive Democrats and a horrific public education system.

Don't stay in your perpetual rageful victim mode and see how far you progress in the next five or 10 or 1,000 years!

Joan Swirskyis a New York-based journalist and author. Her website is, and she can be reached at [email protected].