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Britain’s Charity Commission has ruled against a motion by London’s City University student union supporting the BDS movement from December 2021.

The decision was described by pro-Israel figures in the UK as “significant” as it is expected to limited the ability of university student unions to boycott Israel, the UK Jewish News reported.

The student union’s motion was taken to the Charity Commission by StandWithUs UK fellow Begzat Mirayev along with UK Lawyers for Israel.

They called the ruling “an historic precedent in combatting institutional antisemitism at UK universities,” according to the report.

The Charity Commission concluded that the BDS motion went against the student union’s charitable mandate, and told the union to repeal any moves it had taken to implement the measure.

StandWithUs UK director Isaac Zarfati applauded the Commission’s decision.

“We hope that this trailblazing decision will empower Jewish students around the country to stand up for their rights in the face of antisemitic BDS resolutions, which seek to turn universities into political battlegrounds, sow division and suppress Jewish voices,” he told the news outlet.

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