MezuzahFlash 90

A mezuzah was vandalized and ripped from the dorm room door of a Jewish student at Michigan State University.

Freshman Adina Peysakhov told WILX that two weeks ago she heard a loud thud against her door. When she investigated, she discovered that someone had torn off her mezuzah.

“I could tell that it was very intentional because of how loud it was when it was smacked off and how far it was on the ground from my doorpost,” Peysakhov said. “The whole situation, it was very hard and upsetting.”

Chabad Student Center at MSU told the news out let that they believe the vandalism was intentional.

“The mezuzah is actually meant to be touched every time you go in and out of the house, so the double-sided tape of the mezuzah is quite strong,” Rabbi Benzion Shemtov said. “It’s not easy to fall down.”

He added he was told there are no cameras in the hallway where Peysakhov’s dorm is located.

Rabbi Shemtov helped the student put up a new mezuzah on her door.

“I’m very proud of my Jewish identity,” Peysakhov said. “This will not scare or stop me from participating in my beliefs.”