British Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan
British Ambassador to Israel Neil WiganMendy Hechtman

Pantry Packers, the food packaging and distribution facility in Jerusalem, welcomed British Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan and Embassy staff for an afternoon of volunteering, packing dry goods for families in need.

The facility has become a command center for food rescue and distribution, incorporating dry goods, rescued food and the meals on wheels program.

The Embassy group packed 1300 bags of pantry staples including green peas, yellow peas, barley, oats and corn flour as well as assembling 168 boxes ready for delivery to elderly Ethiopian families.

“We’ve seen for ourselves the good that this project does, how it helps families who are in the greatest need. And what an important contribution it is,” said Ambassador Neil Wigan. “We are delighted to have played our small part in helping it as well.”

Pantry Packers is an initiative of Colel Chabad, Israel’s longest continuously-running charitable organization, founded in 1788. An increasingly popular destination for tourists and local Israelis, the facility gives its volunteers an opportunity to directly impact Israel’s neediest families and distributes tens of thousands of packages each week.

“It was an honor to host the Ambassador and Embassy staff at Pantry Packers and inspiring to know that helping others and giving back to the community are core values of their mission in Israel," said Rabbi Menachem Traxler, Director of Pantry Packers. "Colel Chabad, and all of our programs in Israel, truly value the support in helping us provide for those in need, especially in advance of the holidays."