Sen. Chuck Schumer
Sen. Chuck SchumerReuters

Senator Chuck Schumer was unanimously elected on Thursday for another term as Senate Democratic leader.

Senate Democrats met behind closed doors at the Capitol to choose their leadership team for the new Congress that begins in January. The session was quick and upbeat, with no challengers, reported The Associated Press.

“We had a great unified meeting, where we were both very glad about what we were able to accomplish in the last Congress and setting aspirations — strong aspirations — that we will accomplish as much in the next two years,” Schumer said afterward, flanked by the dozen-member team.

Schumer’s election comes after Democrats were able to secure a 51-majority seat in the Senate, after Raphael Warnock won re-election to the US Senate in Georgia on Tuesday.

While the Democrats won the majority in the Senate, the Republican Party won control of the US House of Representatives, giving it leverage to stop President Joe Biden’s legislation.

Schumer’s reelection puts two New Yorkers at the top of the Democratic leadership in Congress, noted AP, alongside Rep. Hakeem Jefferies, the incoming House minority leader. Jeffries was elected to lead Democrats after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to step aside next year.