Police officers arrest Bedouin Arab in the NEgev
Police officers arrest Bedouin Arab in the NEgevFlash90

In Jewish halakhic sources it’s permitted to violate the Shabbat in order to defend Jewish merchandise, with the reasoning being that if non-Jewish thieves become accustomed to stealing Jewish merchandise, eventually they will escalate their efforts and come to harm Jewish lives.

For decades, Israelis have suffered from a proto-terroristic crime-wave involving Arab auto, land, and agricultural theft. Unpunished property crimes embolden thieves, which in turn, fuel an overall surge in societal lawlessness. Israel's newly elected government needs to address the plague of Arab criminality in Israel.

Arab auto thefts

The video above shows a gang stealing a Hyundai Tucson. The car retails for $49,000 due to Israel's high auto taxes. The government justifies its inaction by reasoning that since there is no immediate threat to life or bodily harm, there is no need to dedicate manpower to stop it. This timid approach causes needless financial hardship for Israeli citizens.

Because of the lack of law enforcement, a large and lucrative auto theft industry exists openly in cities controlled by the Palestinian Authority. It works like this:

1) Arabs steal a car,

2) They call the owner and demand a ransom payment (if the Jew wants his car back, Arabs take the payment and deliver the car to an IDF checkpoint), and

3) If the owner doesn't respond, the car is chopped and sold for parts, or gets a makeover and is resold.

This very profitable business arrangement will continue so long as the Israeli government and police allow it.

Every Israeli car owner pays for these thefts via hefty car insurance premiums. Insurance companies reason that if the police won't eradicate this problem, they'll simply charge the public to cover the cost.

The Israeli government’s failure to defend Israeli car owners against criminal gangs sends a clear message to Israel's enemies – take what you want, we won't stop you. This leads to greater crimes, and eventually has v’shalom, the tragic murder of Jews.

This epidemic of Arab vehicle theft is closely connected to land theft, agricultural theft of crops and farming equipment, rock throwing, protection rackets, and ecological terrorism via burning down Israel's forests. These simultaneous scourges have raged inside Israel for decades. This low-level war is being waged by Israel's internal enemies against a Jewish government and public that, so far, has been too scared to say or do anything serious about it.

Winning this war requires a serious look at the most effective ways to deal with Israel's disloyal, anti-Semitic minority. Jews in the Land of Israel have suffered Arab predations for the last 1,400 years. Unfortunately, we had no way to defend ourselves until Israel was reestablished. Since 1948, we have had an army, a government, and a police force. '

Let's use them as they were meant to be used. It's time to change the rules of engagement so that criminals and terrorists are afraid to ply their trades, and Israel's citizens feel protected and can enjoy the nation they are rebuilding.