Erez Crossing, where Abu Thabit would pass on his way to spy on Israel
Erez Crossing, where Abu Thabit would pass on his way to spy on IsraelYonatan Sindel/Flash90

It has been cleared for publication that the Israel Security Agency (ISA) has arrested a 28-year-old man from the Gaza Strip who took advantage of the Israeli entry permit which he had received, to spy on Israel and transfer intelligence to the Hamas terror organization.

The suspect, Tzabar Mahmoud Yusif Abu Thabit, had received a permit to enter Israel for trade and was arrested at the beginning of the month at the Erez crossing while attempting to enter the country.

The investigation into Abu Thabit found that he was sent by Hamas in the Gaza strip to collect intelligence and carry out missions in Israel.

Among the missions that he was sent to do were the exposure of ISA agents' identities and the collection of information about different sites in Israel.

While working for Hamas, Abu Thabit held multiple meetings with his handlers at the Beit Hanoun crossing to advance acts of terror and intelligence gathering.

Due to the large amount of information that Abu Thabit was exposed to while working for Hamas, the investigation received a lot of information about the handling methods of Hamas's intelligence system including the identities of handlers, locations of tunnels, arms caches, and military sites.

The investigation found that Abu Thabit took advantage of his stay in Israel, which was meant to give him the option to work in Israel and support his family, to pass intelligence to his handlers from Hamas's defense establishment, with full knowledge of the implications.

After the investigation, the case was transferred to the prosecution, which is expected to indict him on security charges.

This investigation comes after last month, Fathi Zaid Zakut, a Gaza resident with an entry permit, was found to have planned a bombing of an Israeli bus.