ShufersalAvi Dishi/Flash90

After two weeks of refusing to sell hundreds of Tnuva products due to the dairy giant's price hike, the Shufersal supermarket chain will return 50 of the products to store shelves - despite the increase in price, Israel Hayom reported.

The site quoted Shufersal as saying, "In light of the shortage of a variety of dairy products and the existing substitutes in branches, and in order not to harm customers, Tnuva's request to raise prices was examined in depth. The request was only partially approved, for products for which there are no substitutes in the other brands."

In addition to not approving price hikes by Tnuva, Shufersal also refused to approve price hikes from dairies Tara and Gad. The supermarket chain has thus ceased selling Gad products, as has the Rami Levy supermarket chain.

Shufersal is now carrying price-controlled dairy products from both Tnuva and Tara, as well as some Tnuva products which are not price-controlled but which were not affected by the price hikes.

According to Israel Hayom, another reason for the shortage in Shufersal branches is difficulties in one of the Golan Heights dairies, which produces some of Shufersal's house brand of dairy products.