Kirstie Alley
Kirstie AlleyREUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi JR

American actress Kirstie Alley, known for her role as Rebecca Howe in the sitcom “Cheers,” died on Monday at the age of 71 after a recent diagnosis of cancer, her family said in a statement.

The cancer was only recently discovered, her family said, according to NBC News.

"She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead," the statement said. "As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother."

Alley rose to fame in 1987 thanks to her role on “Cheers”. She earned a Golden Globe for best actress and an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in 1991.

In addition to her role on “Cheers”, Alley also appeared in “Veronica’s Closet”, played a memorable role as Saavik in “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan,” and starred alongside John Travolta in “Look Who’s Talking”.

Travolta paid tribute to the actress on social media on Monday night.

"Kirstie was one of the most special relationships I've ever had. I love you Kirstie," he shared alongside a snap of the late star. "I know we will see each other again."

Alley in the past supported Donald Trump, and received backlash for that support. She appeared to take back her support of Trump in 2020.