Storage room or home?
Storage room or home?צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

A small storage room is filled with a family's meager belongings, including two small mattresses and a few mismatched chairs. The walls are cracked and yellowed with mold, and the windows are boarded up. The air is thick and humid, and the smell of mildew lingers in the air.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the family has made the best of it, creating a makeshift kitchen with a hot plate and a rickety table. The children have also created a game out of the dim corners of the room, playing tag and hide-and-seek when they have energy. They are resilient and determined to make the most of their situation, but the father's illness has left them struggling to make ends meet. The mother often goes without food so that she can provide for her family, and the children do their best to help out. Despite their hardships, they remain hopeful that they will one day be able to find a more comfortable home.

Dovid Shukrun from Vaad HaRabbanim has personally visited this family’s home and has made a personal plea to the public to help this struggling family out. Please, if you can spare a few dollars, donate to this family's crowdfunding page to give them the chance to live a better life, and provide a comfortable and safe place for the children to grow. Your generosity will help provide them with basic needs and a life of dignity.

Thank you for considering a donation.