MK Merav Michaeli
MK Merav MichaeliMiriam Alster/FLASH90

Labor party chairwoman Merav Michaeli accused Prime Minister-designate of "selling out" the country to his right-wing and religious coalition partners.

"What is happening right now are not coalition negotiations - it is a liquidation sale," Michaeli said at the Labor faction meeting Monday.

She accused: "Netanyahu wants to get an override clause from his extremist partners to allow him to escape his criminal trial, and in return he is simply selling our country to them, bit by bit."

"He is selling the education system to the homophobe Avi Maoz - He is putting internal security in the hands of the pyromaniac Itamar Ben-Gvir - The IDF and the civil administration he is selling to Smotritch and his extremist hilltop youth friends - He is selling out the commanders of the IDF - the LGBT community - the justice system.

"So, we have news for you, Mr. Netanyahu. The State of Israel is simply not for sale. "A prime minister under investigation does not have a public mandate," you said in 2008. "There is a concern that he will make decisions according to his personal interest, his political survival, and not according to the national interest."

"In these coalition negotiations, you are proving how right you were. Just like a furniture dealer, he sells the government offices, all our values, in exchange for an override clause and his personal interests to stop his own trial. That's the only thing he cares about. "Life itself", the things the citizens of Israel face every day, every hour by - aren't really of any interest to him, not at all.

"The most painful example of this came out yesterday, in Nahariya. 900 workers at the "Lehavim Technology" plant will soon get termination letters. I said to myself - after all, the Likud won big in Nahariya. Surely, soon we will see all the Likud MKs show up there to find a solution to the crisis. Nothing. Nada. Gornisht. They're too busy with horse-trading and political chicanery at the expense of Israeli citizens. Needless to say, we will stand up and do our best to solve this crisis from the opposition as well - because that's what a real party, which cares about workers, does. Those who see equality between men and women not as an election slogan but to say what we are really fighting for - equality between women and men. This is not our election slogan. This is our way and our ideology.

"Democracy and the rule of law are not election slogans for us, but life itself. While Netanyahu is being interviewed in English and promises that he will "protect democracy" - his thugs are warming up on the sidelines and sending direct threats to family members of Liat Ben Ari, the lead prosecutor in his trial. Such violence. This bullying should be denounced by every citizen, from the left and the right," Michaeli said.