Rabbi Hagai Lundin
Rabbi Hagai LundinCourtesy

The Greek way of thinking is quantitative. The world is made up of atoms, indivisible particles ("a-", not able to be) ("toms", divisible). Reality is bounded by an upper and lower physical framework. A small jug of oil lasts for one day and that's it.

The Jewish way of thinking is qualitative, the infinite is hidden in the finite; the atom can be divided into infinite components; a small jug can last for eight days.

The goal of secular studies is to acquire a lot of knowledge; the purpose of the study of the holy is to bring desire to a higher level.

Learning holy texts has two dimensions, proficiency [b’kiyut] and theory [iyuni]; the more in-depth the learning, the more qualitative it is; the more it changes the one who is learning. It transforms him from a regular person into someone holy, from one who is quantitative to one who is a quality person.

One of the greatest scholars of our generation is now fighting for his life. Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg, Shlita.

Rabbi Hagai Lundinis a rabbi in yeshiva and academic settings. He teaches on various media channels and is a popular lecturer on Judaism throughout Israel.