US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Richard Nides
US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Richard NidesOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

US ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, appeared on Galei Tzahal this morning (Monday). Nides discussed Netanyahu's emerging government and Noam's Avi Maoz's promises to cancel the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.

"There's an unbreakable bond between our countries. I spent many hours with incoming Prime Minister Netanyahu, I am sure that he will do what is necessary so that the [situation in Judea and Samaria] doesn't escalate into a crisis. We will work with this government and make sure that the situation remains calm and we can secure the situation not only for the State of Israel but also ensure the Palestinians can live in freedom and prosperity," he said.

"We care deeply about preserving the vision of the two-state solution including maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and [preventing] the annexation of the West Bank," he continued. "We will work closely with the Israeli government to make sure these happen."

Regarding the fear that the rights of Reform Jews will be harmed by the incoming coalition, Nides said: "We will work with Jews of all denominations. I myself am a Reform Jew and am sure that the designated Prime Minister will make sure that Israel will be a place for all Jews from all over the world."

The ambassador also referred to the media storm caused by Avi Maoz's statement that he would work to cancel the Pride Parade. "We will make sure that the rights of the LGBT people are preserved. I marched in the pride parades in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv last year and have every intention of doing so again this year as well," he pointed out. "I have full confidence that the rights of the LGBT community are preserved."