Mullahs' flag with a hole
Mullahs' flag with a holeErfan Fard

In 1905, George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. This is true for dictators of our age. “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it,” a quote from Edmund Burke.

Khamenei, lunatic mullah in Iran, knows the history of Ceauşescu's dictatorial regime, but he is doomed to repeat it. Everybody knows that a Romanian flag with a hole in the middle symbolized the 1989 revolution.

The flag of the Romanian Socialist Republic with the communist logo was perceived as a symbol of Nicolae Ceauşescu's regime. In the Revolution of 1989, the protesters made a hole in it and the ripped flag became one of the symbols of Revolution. In the course of time, the revolution engulfed a desperate Romania at the middle of December 1989. A flag with a hole in the middle, which was flown by the revolutionaries of 1989, was an object loaded with memories and emotions.

For the first time, on the 19th of June 2022, I published my article in Persian with the title: The final solution, transition from Mullahs! (Gooya) because I got a signal from members of the young generation inside Iran saying that they have the courage of their convictions.

As a matter of a course, one of my friends in Canada, sent me that picture. Exactly, like I said in twitter , it was replicating the Romanians in 1989.Then, I put it on Instagram and Twitter.

As you may or may not know, after 1979, the mullahs changed the national flag of Iran to a strange flag which is not related to the history and culture of Iran. Without doubt, the notorious institution of the mullahs crossed swords with the history of Iran.

After that winter with no spring in sight, Khomeini dragged all Iranians into doing something strange, deleting the flag with the Lion and Sun. Historically, that national flag is related to an ancient tradition of Iranians in the 12th century. These days the youths of Iran are deeply involved in the national flag of Iran with the Lion and Sun

Iranian historic lion and sun flag
Iranian historic lion and sun flagצילום:

A Shia mullah in Iran, who had no feeling for Iranian history, and was an enemy of any nationalistic interpretation, changed the flag after the 1979 revolt. Sacrilegiously, Khomeini showed a great amount of ill will and malevolence against the national flag of Iran.

Islamic Regime of Iran flag
Islamic Regime of Iran flagiStock

Disturbingly, in any demonstration against the theocratic regime of the mullahs in Iran, most of the Marxist or Islamic terrorist or separatist groups in the diaspora are against the flag with the Sun and Lion. All the partners in the 1979 revolt, paved the path to ruin Iran and set that beautiful country ablaze. After setting the stage for the mullahs, they never turned swords into ploughshares against the Iranians themselves.

The abovementioned photo had been shared hundreds of times on social media. By inference, some of the fanatical pro-regime activists regarded that as a deliberate insult to Iran, a groundless and false claim. In actuality, the mullahs' regime and thugs of the government have no ties with the national identity or interests of Iran. Undeniably, they act like occupiers.

Now and then, I used that flag in my notes in Twitter, one of which was Cyrus the Great Day. One of my followers in Twitter, sent me a shocking video. When I saw that, I wrote” The mullah's mafia regime in Iran will go to the "ash heap of history" where it belongs. The world community can help and facilitate Iran's Revolution.“

Throughout history, “A national Flag represents and symbolizes a particular nation. It is flown by the government of the nation, but typically can also be flown by its citizens. A national flag is normally designed with certain values for its colors and symbols, which may also be employed independently from the flag of the nation.” IWikipedia)

What happened for the young generation making a hole in the middle of the mullahs' flag? All is fair in war! The regime attempted to use the world cup to evoke nationalist pride, but it crashed.

Iranian flag with a hole
Iranian flag with a holeצילום:

It is a sad fact that in the US-Iran match, when the mullahs lost the hearts and minds battle, the people came out to celebrate Iran’s defeat in Qatar. Historically, in 1998, Iranians celebrated their world cup victory against the US team and waved flags. After 24 years, the situation has deteriorated dramatically. The young generation were happy about the US victory, they went out in the streets to celebrate the regime’s loss to the US loudly and joyfully, and they chanted for freedom! These videos are so embarrassing for Iran’s regime.

It is not a sign of behavioral solecism, because these people have done nothing wrong. It’s a sign of the wrath and anger of the people inside Iran. As might have been expected, the mullah’s thugs, police and security forces could not prevail. It defies description. Reportedly, the frustrated and furious bullies of the regime attacked many people during this national celebration.

It’s a safe bet that the terrorist loving regime in Iran will collapse and crumble, sooner or later, it’s only a matter of time. This people in Iran are in a fury.

Nowadays in Iran nobody shows any respect to the flag of the mullahs or the national anthem of the Islamic Republic of mullahs in Iran. This degenerated regime is not related to Iran. Comparisons are odious!

Likely enough, if someone had doubts regarding Iran’s revolution in 2022 and the likelihood of regime change, they can be convinced now. I need hardly say that the mullah’s regime is weakening every day, The young generation in Iran will exorcise these criminal mullahs by fair means or foul. Wish them luck!

Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). Erfan is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD / The newly published book of Erfan Fard is: “The gruesome mullah” , which has been published in the USA.