An unusual incident occurred at Ben Gurion Airport early Sunday morning, when a vehicle broke through a checkpoint from the highway.

Following the incident, passengers in Terminal 3 were asked to lie on the floor and not move for a few minutes.

Security guards shot at the vehicle and lightly wounded one of the passengers, who tried to escape on foot. The vehicle was stopped on the road, and the two passengers, believed to have stolen the vehicle, were arrested and taken for questioning.

The Israel Airports Authority said that “the vehicle was stopped on the road towards Terminal 3. The incident ended with the arrest of the vehicle's passengers. The incident is being investigated.”

Police later stated that the vehicle was hijacked by a Palestinian Arab who was in Israel illegally.

In September, a Palestinian Arab arrived with a stolen vehicle from Highway 1 and broke through the entrance barrier to Ben Gurion Airport.

The security guard at the gate, who was afraid of being run over, pulled out his weapon and fired one bullet at the car. The suspect fled to a gas station and abandoned the vehicle.

The suspect, a 35-year-old resident of Judea and Samaria, was caught a short time later and handed over to the police for questioning.