Searching for Moishe Kleinerman
Searching for Moishe KleinermanShmuel Sackett

A fifteen-year-old boy from Bnei Brak, suffering from developmental disabilities, has been located alive and well after being missing for thirty-six hours straight. Shimi Levinthal, who was reported missing on Nov. 28, was found by a local woman who had seen a notice that he was missing.

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), the nonprofit specializing in search and rescue that published the notice in question, reported that “The missing teen was found thanks to the distribution of our flyers. We sincerely thank all those who took part in doing so.’

A statement from the Ayelet Hashachar institution, where Shimi was a student, thanked the IDU for its part in locating him: “We send our thanks and appreciation to the IDU for their part in locating a student from our institution.”

Another search, for a similar missing person, remains unsolved. Avraham Moshe Kleinerman, a sixteen-year-old boy from Modi’in Ilit, has now been missing for more than two hundred fifty days. His mother, Giti Kleinerman, recently released a statement saying: “I know that there is some direction of investigation related to a person who probably harmed haredi children, but the haredi public is unwilling to file complaints with the police or tell about it. I call on the rabbis and the parents of the children who were affected to make their voices heard and go and complain to the police. I am ready to go with the victims together. Please help us bring Moishe home. How long are we supposed to wait?”

The ISA has recently released a statement regarding Avraham Moshe’s disappearance, saying that an undercover investigation into the disappearance had concluded it was not a nationalist crime.