Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
Sportswise, things didn't go very well for Germany, but the Germans have already secured the title of world champions in moral and double standards. The political establishment in Berlin went crazy after FIFA banned the pro-LGBT 'One Love' headband from the World Cup in Qatar. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck of the Green Party told the German national team that they had to wear the armband anyway. Various government officials protested, including Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who wore the "One Love" armband at the opening match in Doha.

But immediately after the "scandal", Germany proudly announced a new mega deal on gas with none other than Qatar, an agreement that Minister Habeck described as "super". Bayern Munich loves Qatar's money, and German soccer stars Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer have never publicly made a speech against sponsoring Qatar Airways.

But you know it: relativists love and love everyone. One Love. Love wins all. Or rather, not all…These world champions of morals for years have said nothing about the serial attacks on gays not in Doha, but in Neukölln, the great multicultural district of Berlin. "The vast majority of the perpetrators are young men with an Arab-Turkish migrant background or those who move in environments influenced by Islam".

The Weltwoche weekly summarizes German hypocrisy: “When Interior Minister Nancy Faeser raised the rainbow flag in the courtyard of her ministry on the occasion of the 'Day against homophobia', she declared that homophobia exists 'in all sectors of society'. But the integration officer for the Berlin district of Neukölln, Güner Balci, added that more and more gay couples are moving away from there, because they fear attacks by young Muslims”.

But it is always important to remember that Europe's foreign and energy policy is based on its famous "values". Qatar is founded on Sharia law and is known for its persecution of women, Christians,as well as for funding a bit of all the Islamist scoundrels in the world (like Hamas to which it supplies 400 million dollars a year but no one says anything even if it kills [or attempts to kill] Israeli Jews every week), but certainly Qatar has a much more democratic system than Russia, so in Habeck's words "15 years is great". The German minister is referring to the contract for Qatari gas in force from 2026 to 2041.

In German, "das Moralin", the moraline, is a neologism coined by Friedrich Nietzsche to make fun of those who put morality on their shoulders to make it known urbi et orbi that they are on the proper side, courageous and "on the left".

But how will Germany respond to future special editions to send to Qatari banks? Perhaps they will color stadiums to protest Iran, an ally of Qatar, where homosexuals are hanged from cranes and 4,000-6,000 of them have been killed since 1979? Or Indonesia, where homosexuals in Aceh are legally punished with 77 public lashes, and Saudi Arabia, where gays are executed?

The hypocrites are playing at home against Orban's Hungary, for having passed a law that prevents school children from being taught that there are "infinite genders. " He was treated as a moral criminal, but they are not even in the match with Islam.

Germany, like the rest of Europe, needs gas, but cannot get enough of it without violating its own "moral standards".

Doha turns out to be much more honest. “We Muslims are one billion in the world and we are proud of our religion. As Muslims, LGBTQ is not acceptable. Germany? "Other than rights, when he comes here he only talks about gas”. So the me Qatar's Energy Minister speaking to BILD this week shatters European hypocrisy.

Germany is like the entertainment giants. Disney fills Western children's minds with gender fluid characters. But for streaming in the Middle East it applies the strictest self-censorship so as not to offend Islam.

They have to sell: copies of newspapers, films, cartoons, advertising and liquid gas. So spare us the moral exhibitionism of rainbow bands, hands in mouths and moral press releases. In 2026 there will be the World Cup in the United States and Donald Trump could be president again. There will be many armbands to put on, knees to the ground and mouths to shut.

Western morality always finds the best way to show off without paying a price.