Arab sources have uploaded a video clip showing portions of videos and photographs that they claim to have accessed through hacking the mobile phones of IDF soldiers.

The video, titled, "You Are Not Safe," presents photos of soldiers in combat units, including in the Armored Corps, footage of Armored Corps training, a helicopter landing during an exercise, shooting at a firing range, the launch of an Iron Dome intercept missile, IDF soldiers at a military base, soldiers in their living quarters, in an office, and on a bus, preparations for a ceremony, and personal photos of soldiers throughout their military service.

In addition, the video clip included embarrassing photos, among them of a soldier jumping on a bed, a male soldier kissing another male soldier, male soldiers wearing bras, and odd costumes.

Palestinian Arab terror organizations, Hezbollah, the Iranian intelligence, and Arab hackers have invested much effort in hacking into Israel's computer systems and mobile phones, as part of the cyber war and in an attempt to acquire intelligence on the IDF and defense systems.

Earlier this year, Iranian hackers published personal documents and photos of the Mossad chief David Barnea, which were reportedly acquired through hacking into his wife's cellphone.